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It can be hard to remember sometimes that smartphone technology, as we commonly use it, is less than two decades old. In the blink of an eye, smartphones have gone from a curiosity to an integral part of our lives. Moreover, they have completely changed our lives in terms of how much more connected we are now than we were just a couple short decades ago.

That is due in no small part to the connective technology at the heart of smartphones. Each successive generation of phones has made it easier to connect with friends, family, and the global community as a whole. With the impending rise of 5G technology, this is about to go one step further.

What Is 5G?

To some, smartphones are an obsession, with wars over whether iPhones or Androids are better lighting up forums and comments sections. For others, they are simply a tool to be used, and for still others, they are toys to be enjoyed irrespective of understanding.

If you’re in those last two groups, you may be wondering what this whole “5G” thing is about.

“5G” stands for “fifth generation,” which is what the latest impending cellular technology is slated to be. These generations have largely been defined by transmission speed and coding. As such, you can expect 5G devices to be faster and feature different coding than their older counterparts.

The Advancements of 5G

As anyone who has used their smartphone to connect to the Internet will tell you, there are limits to how much these devices are able to interface with the online world at present. Each generation has expanded what these devices can do online, and 5G will be no exception.

In addition, there is evidence to suggest that 5G technology may be fast and integrated enough to make some of our other tech dreams come true. For example, there has been talk of finally making self-driving cars a reality by operating them via the advanced operating options which will be made possible by 5G.

Ultimately, as with any technological breakthrough, we’ll just have to wait and see where 5G takes us.