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It might be that you are looking to improve your social media game on Facebook and Twitter. It might be that you are getting ready to conduct a presentation and want to make sure you have all your data laid out on a single screen. It might be that you fear there’s something wrong with your computer and want to conduct an antivirus sweep. There are a number of different reasons why you might require the use of a dashboard.

Whatever the case may be, however, the fact of the matter remains that dashboards are a vital part of your computing, online, and social media experience. Where there is data, there is a need for dashboards. Here are just a few ways in which dashboards can be used to boost the efforts of your team.

Making Data Accessible

One of the most important facets of any tool is being able to use it. You may have all the best data analysis tools at your disposal, but without a means to actually use them, they aren’t any help to you. The best dashboards thus strive to make the data they use more accessible to team members.

Helping Your Team Zero In

And just what do team members do with that data once it has been made accessible to them? Zero in on things that need to be addressed. Once you have your dashboard up and running, you can track different trends or zero in on certain data points, allowing you to start drawing some conclusions.

For example, Twitter gives its users a basic analytics dashboard that gives them some basic pieces of information about their users and their background. If you run a platform geared towards a certain audience (like, say, mothers), you can check your dashboard to see if you are reaching that audience. If so, it can also tell you how much of your audience they make up, how they’re engaging with your data, and what their financial and demographic backgrounds are.

Reading the tea leaves given by the dashboard can give teams the data and focus they need to succeed.