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One of the most important questions we have to ask ourselves is how we go about asking and answering questions in the first place. Mastering the learning process is vital to just about any job or passion you might wish to pursue. Whatever your goals may be, the chances are good that you’ll need to learn a thing or two in order to achieve it. That means training, which in turn means looking into different means of acquiring that training, and that increasingly means taking courses online.

Of course, the nature of those classes can vary wildly depending on who is designing the course in question and what the end goal of the course is. What remains constant across all of these different courses is the need to make the learning experience a positive and fruitful one. The best learning experience platforms do just that – and here’s how.

What Are Learning Experience Platforms?

For those not in the know, learning experience platforms are platforms designed to teach a given topic. These platforms are often made by HR departments or independent firms which specialize in creating training programs. In designing these platforms, they can add all manner of different content, targeting certain skills while allowing for specializations in the approach the learning program takes, such as focusing on microlearning or offering mobile options.

Learning Experience Platforms versus Learning Management Systems

Both learning experience platforms and learning management systems strive to train people via online courses or otherwise provide them with the skills and materials necessary to learn. The main points of divergence with them is the degree to which and nature in which one can interact with these tools. In a learning experience platform, there is a much greater degree of freedom given to those using the system in terms of what they can add and upload to the programs. By contrast, a learning management system is premade, and is thus typically far more closed to customization on the part of users.

Used properly, a learning experience platform can be a key way to train your workforce effectively.